6 Month Smiles and Adult Braces

These days, more than ever, people are more concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their smiles. Several dental treatments are available for people with crooked and misaligned smiles who are resorting to dental treatments to fix and straighten their teeth. Among these treatments, two of the most popular ones are Six Month Smiles and Adult Braces.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a clear, transparent braces system that straightens teeth by shifting the teeth into their orthodontically right position faster than conventional metal braces.

Six Month Smiles Can:

  • Align your teeth in a much shorter time frame.
  • Help you save money since it's less costly than Invisalign.
  • Close dental gaps.
  • Fixes overlapping and teeth crowding issues.

Benefits of the Six Month Smiles system

  • The treatment duration with Six Month Smiles is significantly shorter than other teeth straightening procedures.
  • The Six Month smiles braces are transparent, and the wires are tooth-colored, thus being a discreet alternative to the conventional metal braces.
  • The procedure uses patented, shape-memory wires that move the teeth gently but faster than other treatment options like metal braces or Invisalign.
  • The Six Month Smiles system is much cheaper than most other teeth straightening procedures.

Adult Braces

If you are an adult having misaligned teeth, adult braces can help improve one's appearance and help in the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

Reasons To Get Braces

  • To treat misaligned or crooked teeth and teeth malocclusion.
  • To enhance the aesthetics of the smile.
  • To fix the wide gap between adjacent teeth.
  • To fix protruding teeth.

Types of Adult Braces

When you visit your Garland, Texas orthodontist to discuss adult braces, you will be presented with details on the various teeth straightening options to make an informed decision.

  • Metal braces: Today's metal braces are more discreet than the traditional braces and consist of wires with a single bracket cemented on the front portion of the tooth.
  • Clear or tooth-colored braces: Also known as ceramic braces, these tooth-colored braces are less noticeable.
  • Invisalign or clear aligners: Invisalign aligners are transparent, clear aligners that can be removed while eating, brushing, or flossing.
  • Lingual braces: They are attached to the inner side of the teeth and are a helpful option for those who do not wish to wear visible metal braces but need more than Invisalign to fix the condition.

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